Saturday, July 14, 2012

Penn State is a university. It is NOT a football camp

and it should be treated as such. People go there to get an education and that is that. Football is a sport that the university takes part in and while Penn State has a reputation of having a damned good team, the school still exists to give people an academic edication.

The coverup scandal rocking it now angers me to no end.

The pedophelia that Sandusky is in jail for is actually not the part that annoys me. Things like that happen from time to time and when they do they should be dealt with right then and there. Harshly and with no mercy.

The part that truly angers me is that so many people covered for it and that Sandusky wasn't jailed years ago. It was covered up because of a GAME called football.

This is a clear cut case of the tail wagging the dog. Football in any school is secondary. Education is primary. It is time the NCAA came forth on this and suspends Penn State from football for the next ten years for this and the players should be allowed to transfer to somewhere else to play without penalty.

Like a lot of Americans, I get far more upset over a coverup than I do the original crime.

The school also should smelt down the Paterno statues and chisel his name off of the library (leaving the chisel marks as a reminder to others) and remove everything with his name or the names of anyone involved in the coverup after they are fired and if possible, charged.

Of course, there are an awful lot of people in the Pittsburgh area that will defend these people because they are blinded by the game of football which is just that. It is a game. Then again a whole lot of people in Pittsburgh seem to have a football problem anyway. Had Charles Manson been a good football player here he most have likely walked. Maybe a decade of having no Penn State games to go to will give them something to think about and give them a sense of perspective.

Back in the day in high school we had a coach that had a lot of integrity and a lot of grit. The rules were that in order to stay in any sports you had to hold passing grades. Long before I got to the school the battle had been fought.

A couple amumni approached out coach asking for an exception. Refused.

Then a couple of people approached a couple of the teachers and when the coach got word of it, he told the teachers to hold their course and speed. He would back them.

A couple of players when I was in got bumped off the team for bad grades and when some of the guys griped about the loss of him before the big game the coach told them to take it up with the players thay got booted because they were the ones that didn't live up to the team standards. That was that.

The coach knew that the school was not a football camp but an institution of higher learning and that football was secondary.

There was also no slack for misbehaving players, either. I was in one of the few schools where the players didn't get away with murder like they did in other places. If they got in trouble either in school or downtown they got booted or at least suspended a couple of games.

While the coach surely angered a few people, he was held in high respect by the community.

Looks like there are not a whole lot of people I can think of in the Penn State football program I can look up to.

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