Sunday, July 15, 2012

In the culinary department I am a Phillistine.

I have posted before that taking me to a civilized five star restaurant is a waste of time and money because I am of the ilk that would probably be looking through the menu for the meat loaf at Monesieur Pierre's of New York.

This is likely what I would do at Judy's Diner of Rattlesnake Gulch, Texas and I'd just bet Judy makes a better meat loaf for that matter.

I am without a doubt one of the least picky eaters out here and Mrs Pic has commented more than once that I could live comfortably in a concentration camp which very well may be true. The last time she said this was the time we painted the bedroom and she felt that sleeping there with the smell of fresh paint might not be a good idea.

I told her to sack on the couch and then went to the fridge and snagged a bowl of leftover spaghetti which I yaffled down cold in a few bites and then grabbed a blanket and pillow and proceeded to sack out on the nearest chunk of the floor. I was asleep in seconds and then rudely awakened to hearing her tell me that I could live in a concentration camp.

I said that I supposed I could and went back to sleep.

Of course, I am now teamed up with a man that happens to be the kind of guy that would make an excellent chef in a place like Monesieur Pierre's and he has just asked me what I want for dinner tonight and I told him that leftover meat loaf from last night would be fine by me.

This left him fretting for a minute as he most likely had some sort of civilized culinary treat in the back of his head planned out. He was probably frustrated as he was looking to make something special only to find that I was satisfied with last night's meat loaf straight out of the fridge.

He moped about for a minute.

"How about crumbled up leftover meat loaf tacos," he asked.

"Excellent!" I replied, knowing I had made him happy because he had something to do to display his skills.

It doesn't take a whole lot to make me happy. I would have been happy with leftover cold meat loaf.

Stilll, the crumbled leftover meat loaf tacos were pretty good.


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