Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What do they teach in college?

Right now I wonder about what a lot of my generation studied in colllege and I'd just bet that a lot the programs they went through during their academic years were totally incomplete.

I have several former classmates that went into various fields of endeavor ranging from business to working with handicapped kids to transportation and it always seems to me that their education is lacking.

In the military there is an old saw that says that company grade officers study tactics, field grade officers study strategy and general officers study logistics. While likely not 100% accurate, this statement certainly holds a lot water.

While at lower levels, tactics and strategy are important, the big overriding question that all armies face is how these people are going to be moved, fed and supplied.

Parallelling this in the humanitarian sector of the civillian world is the question of how a proposed program is going to be funded. It never seems to enter into the equation. There are a lot of people out there that are damned compassionate caregivers that seem to have never asked themselves the question of where the money for these programs is coming for as they clamor to their elected officials for more money.

When you ask a lot of our people that work with society where the money comes from for their program they generally give you a confused look and say that the money comes from the government. While I suppose it does, it really doesn't end there.

The people in these programs for the most part seem not to understand that there is only so much money available and that the government is not a bottomless pit that is capable of supplying every program that comes down the pike with limitless cash. Eventually the money runs out and the next step is deficeit spending which the government has been doing for years and is rapidly catching up to us. Most likely the system will implode soon.

Over the years I have had a lot of people suggest to me that the government ought to fund such and such. My answer is generally that it is fine by me IF they can figure out a way to do it without either raising taxes or deficeit spending.

Generally this gets a dumbfounded look or some kind of stupid answer that the government can simply print them up a wad of cash to support their whatever.

The truth about things is that everything has to be funded one way or another because nothing is free.

I suppose that if someone with a career goall of human resources, social work or some related field asked me for career advice I would ask them what their goals in the field are. If they want to make a career of working face to face with people I suppose that getting a degree in social work or human resources would likely be sufficient.

However, if they really wanted to make a difference I would suggest that get a minor in social work and major in economics so they can figure out a way to make these programs pay for themselves.

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