Friday, January 23, 2015

eBay bids.

Someone asked me where I got a power supply for my 2 meter rig and I told them I got it on eBay which I did. I paid $25 for it. Shipped.

They were astonished that I got it at that price.

The reason I got it so cheap is because the seller had mispelled the word 'supply'. He had put down 'suppy' instead.

When I saw that there were thousands of power supplies to choose from I started cruising through different mispellings and found several. One fit my needs so I bid on it and got it for peanuts.

Normally when I see something I want I figure out how badly I want it and then toss out a bid and forget about it. Either I get it or I don't. I'm not stupid enough to get into an emotionally charged bidding war and wind up buying something used for three times its new retail price like some people do.

I recall reading about a bidding war that ended with someone coughing up over $400 for a rifle sling that sold in the surplus market for about $6.

You can easily let yourself get taken to the cleaners on eBay if you let your emotions get in the way. It's not a hard thing to do. Sometimes it is insidious. You just keep upping your bid a buck or two at a time as things climb and then before you realize it you've overpaid for something. You can't balme anyone because you did it to yourself.

I always wondered if someone has tried to sue them because they overpaid for something. My best guesss is probably so. I can see some whiny little hippie babbling that they overpaid and it's eBays fault. Screw that. Dumbass. He did it to himself.

As I sit here I see a couple of items that I have bid on that I won't get. Someone else has topped my bid. It's gone and that's the way it is. Too bad. I'm not getting into the bidding war. I'm not stupid.

I am getting ready to post this and I have had another offer declined. I'm not too worried about it.

Still, every once in a while you can get a pretty good deal on things on eBay if you're patient and careful.

Incidentally the season of eBay deals has passed. Generally you can do pretty well between Thanksgiving and New Year's as people divert funds from stuff they might simply want and put the money toward Christmas presents.

Something to remember next holiday season.

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