Sunday, January 18, 2015

On one show Bart Simpson flushed a cherry bomb down the toilet

Columns of water came out of the adjacent toilets and lifted a couple of people up off the throne.

Back in my day I do not think that there was a normal school in the country that hadn't had a cherry bomb flushed down a toilet. It is a All-American guy kind of thing.

I never did do this myself because another guy that was a fellow altar boy beat me to it. 

Anyway, Mythbusters is seeing if it is possible to do what the cartoonists on the Simpsons did several episodes ago. You will shoot water out of several adjacent toilets if you flush the cherry bomb down and get it into the pipeline.

If course you will not shoot an enormous column of water up but you will shoot the water in the bowls all over the place and will likely shatter them. Mythbusters shattered the toilets as did my fellow altar boy friend back around '65.

THis is one subject that is kind of like the Three Stooges, or the Tarzan Yell. It's a guy thing. I used to have the Tarzan yell on my cell as a ringtone. When I got a call in mixed company, women would look confused. Guys started looking around to see which direction the elephants were going to come from.

Of course, it the Stooges come on the TV, the women start to roll their eyes and the guys start doing Curley imitations.

The same holds true for cherry bombs flushed down the toilet. Women will roll their eyes and guys will be fascinated and wonder how badly the plumbing will fare.

Anyway, a cherry bomb down a toilet on Mythbusters is pretty sure to capture the minds of American males everywhere. We are guys and like stupid stuff like that.

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