Thursday, January 22, 2015

I suppose I'm going to get slain for this but that's too damned bad.

I just got an email from a friend that commented on the racial situation in this country. For what it is worth this man works and plays with a number of blacks. He's not a Klansman type.

It seems to me that these days that when blacks accuse whites of keeping them down they are spouting off a lot of crap left over from the 60s.

The truth is that not a whole lot of people want to keep the black man down. If for no other reason, it's just too damned expensive. They want people to succeed.

One of the very few things the failed Great Society programs did was to put many blacks in the golden handcuffs of the governmental welfare system. This means that it costs the average guy money come tax time.

The average guy is sick and tired of shelling out his hard earned cash to Uncle Sam to support those that won't support themselves and would really like to see everyone start taking care of themselves.

It really is that simple.

While there is no shortage of non-blacks on the governmental assistance rolls, it does occur to me that the percentages in the black community are pretty high.

Most people in this country simply wish these people would start supporting themselves.

A big part of the problem actually lies with the black man keeping himself down. It's crab syndrome. When you put a crab in a tub he will try and escape. He very well may unless you throw another crab into the tub. Then the crab that is escaping will be pulled back into the tub by the other crab.

Same seems to hold true in the urban black community. Some of this is done by gang recruiting. A lot of youngsters seem to get dragged into the local gang and sucked down the tubes by this. Many of them never really have a chance. It's sad.

Of course, the gang isn't going to support them trying to get ahead in anything but the gang. The last thing they want is their membership to start heading out into the straight world.

Another thing is that it has been 40 or so years since the LBJ Great Society programs have been enacted and that has given people an awful lot of time to get used to things. That's about three generations of dependency.

Add the support to the dependency being thrown at the black community by the professional race baiters (Al Sharpton etc.) and you have more support for not even trying to be successful.

Incidentally, this dependency is not strictly a black thing. There are a lot of whites that fit this bill.

Still, what I am paying attention to in this post is the black community. That was the subject of the email I received and am addressing now.

The truth of the matter is that in a most cases it isn't the white man keeping blacks down. It is quite often a case of blacks being their own worst enemy and keeping themselves down. 

Incidentally, don't expect me to shoulder any of the blame on this. I have spent my entire life believing that Dr. King was right when he said he was looking for a day when a man would not by judged by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.

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