Sunday, January 25, 2015

I'm gonna go it ALONE!

Yeah, right. Who are you $hittin'? It sure as hell ain't me.

I saw on some internet board the bright idea of some survivalist with a bunker somewhere in Outer Slobovia that has plans to hole up there alone in the case of TEOTWAWKI.

TEOTWAWKI stands for The End Of The World As We Know It. 

So this clown is going to hole up in his bunker with a bunch of food, gasoline, ammunition, medical stuff, and so on and wait the big collapse out.

Yeah, right. 

You have to sleep sometime and when he does someone will just take his stuff away from him. Bang. One shot fired, done and over with. Drag the body out and toss it somewhere to feed the buzzards. They gotta eat, too.

Over the years I have done a couple of interesting things that were fairly independent. I spent 14 months in a tipi in the Rockies and I've done some singlehanded sailing.

One thing it produced was a bunch of hot air on the part of other people that wanted to tell me how independent and free I was and so on ad nauseum.

Nothing was further from the truth.

It reminded me of all the people that gush over the pilots when the Blue Angels show up at an air show. 

I remember back in the early sixties when my dad took us to an air show and we got to meet the pilots. My dad said "Son, hotshot pilots are a dime a dozen. Let's meet the real brains and brawn of this operation."

The pilots grinned broadly when he said that and one of them said, "Your dad is right." Then he turned and shouted, "Hey, Smitty! Come on over! You and the guys have some fans here!"

Dad had been a WW2 flyboy of the propeller age and wasn't too familiar with jets but that was OK. He stood there and had an interesting chat with the guys on the ground crew much to the amusement and appreciation of the pilots. The pilots knew that they were only as good as their ground support. It was obvious that they appreciated dad giving them their fair share of the credit.

When I moved into my tipi back in the mid 70s I did erect it myself and I did live in it myself. Still, there were a lot of other people involved that probably never even knew who I was.

Someone at the tent company built the tipi and someone shipped it. People made the canvas and so on.

I wasn't alone. 

My axe, rifle and other goods required people get up and go to work to make them so I could have them. 

God knows how many unseen and unheard of people were involved in that 14 months I spent in the Rockies.  

We really don't do a whole lot of things alone when you think about it.

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