Monday, January 19, 2015

One of the things I can't figure out

 is why people think that laws will protect them.

Every time I hear someone say something is against the law my mind flashes to a scene on The Bridge on the River Kwai. Colonel Nicholson holds a copy of the Geneva Convention up and Colinel Saito knocks it out of his hand and smacks him.

Of course, Colonel Nicholson has no way of enforcing the rules because he is an unarmed prisonor of war. Colonel Saito is in the driver's seat because he has control of the armed guards.

The truth is that the laws enacted for our protection are not even worth the paper they are printed on because the person in power, often a criminal-government or civilian, is the one calling the shots.

A lot of laws are often flouted by otherwise law abiding citizens. The (so-called) assault rifle registration law in Connecticut is one example. Over 90% of the owners simply ignored the law and refused to register their arms. Can't say as I blame them. I most likely wouldn't have, either.

Prior to the legalization of abortion an awful lot of pregnant women terminated their pregnancies through illegal and secret means. 

Illegal distilleries have been out there since Day One and today they flourish to the point where they are the subject of several reality TV shows. Moonshiners continue to be the heroes and the revenooers are hooted and jeered.

Yet in most cases, the moon shiners generally obey the rest of the laws they encounter. I would imagine few are robbers, burglars, or murderers. They simply flout the laws regarding the manufacture of spirits. 

I'll admit that while I certainly don't make illegal spirits because I'm too lazy, I have sampled a taste of moonshine. I suppose that makes me as bad as the 'shiners because I'm part of the reason they exist. I give them a reason to make it.

Personally, I'll flat out say that I'm an outlaw. I only obey the laws that I see are fair and reasonable. I consider myself a fairly moral person and don't seem to be in a whole lot of trouble so it seems to work for me. I do NOT consider myself to be a criminal. There IS a difference.

The drug laws in this country are a prime example of laws that are routinely flouted. Hell, there are a lot of citizens that harp constantly against drug abuse that are guilty of breaking drug laws. So are many members of the law enforcement community. 

Got a prescription over 6 months out of date in the medecine cabinet? You're in violation.

The truth is that the system of laws we have really doesn't work very well. The government enacts a law and those that choose to obey it do and those that don't flout it. About all that can be done is that the authorities pick up the pieces after all is over and done with. The law has been broken, the damage has been done.

The truth is that decent, responsible people don't need laws. They behave themselves and cause the reat of us little if any trouble. 

Irresponsible people don't obey laws, anyway so the laws don't do a whole lot of good to regulate their behavior.

Of course, when a bad law is enacted you can bet your ass that the responsible people ignore it along with the criminal element. Bad laws simply create criminals out of responsible people.

Good people don't need laws and bad people don't follow them.

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