Saturday, January 10, 2015

The other day I

 made a comment on a website and got a few people upset, most likely because I didn't explain myself.

There was an article hotlinked about a parent throwing his young child off a bridge. I didn't bother even opening the article because I have read too many articles like that and they are too damned depressing.

I've read too many sick stories in my life and to be honest, they continue to make me sick at heart. It reminds me of how awful human beings can be.

After I read something like that I have to find something upbeat to read like about how some kid won a science award or some cop, GI, fireman or maybe ordinary guy  did something decent above and beyond the call of duty. If I don't I'll be in a mean funk for days.

My comment was that the kid should have eaten his vegetables. A lot of people were upset at the gallows humor.

Truth of it is that most likely the kid did nothing but act like a child and the parent couldn't handle it and dear old dad simply threw the kid off a bridge. Things like this  happen more often than one thinks, as sad as it is.

Generally crying is the thing that sends a new parent over the edge. Over the years I have read that parents that murder young children claim they couldn't stand the crying. At least that's the most common excuse I seem to read about. Dirty diapers as a lame excuse is a distant second.

I have sometimes wryly stated that a person ought to have to be licensed to reproduce. Although it isn't necessarily true, it does have a kernel of truth to it. There are a lot of people out there that should just plain be sterilized so they can't have any children.

My guess is that this was just another case of an immature person that entered fatherhood with no idea of what he was in for. He probably had no clue as to what he was in for. Reality stepped in and he simply rejected it and the fastest way out of dealing with the child was to toss it over the side.

Hospitals, police and fire stations are generally safe havens for unwanted children. While I have little respect for those that decide they don't want to be parents anymore, I have to say that dropping an unwanted child off in a safe haven is probably going to come to a happier ending.

The kid is more likely to be adopted by a loving couple that will do a better job of raising it than a couple that doesn't want the kid to begin with. Even foster care is generally better than being raised by parents that don't want to be responsible.

If course he will likely either wind up in a mental institution or jail and he deserves to. There is no real excuse for this kind of thing. Anyone that would do something like this doesn't deserve to be allowed to run around and walk the streets.

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