Tuesday, January 13, 2015

One of the most under rated medals

 a GI can be awarded is the Good Conduct medal.

I was awarded one. It was awarded to me for three years of highly disciplined conduct.

I went for three consecutive years without strangling anyone and there were a lot of people I met that truly deserved it. 

The time I think I truly deserved it was when I had to be a 'safety NCO' at the grenade range. After the guys in out battery did our thing, someone decided it would be a good idea to let this group of nurses throw a couple.

The one in my pit dropped hers and I kicked it into the sump, grabbed her and threw her out of the pit and followed her, landing on top of her looking quite heroic. The truth is I was starting to roll her on top of me when the damned thing went off. 

During this-- I don't remember it-- I guess I used a bit of government issue profanity and the BnCo heard it.

He wanted to bust me!

The fact that I didn't grab another grenade, yank the pin and stuff it down his shirt is enough reason to say that I truly earned the medal.

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