Sunday, January 11, 2015

I just read where a guy by the name of Brian Banks

 was released after spending jail time for a false rape accusation. He's a football player.

Apparently his accuser admitted the charges were bogus and he was exonorated.

What I would like to know is where the hue and cry of the feminists are? After all, fair is fair and things like this only go to make things look bad for honest victims.

Banks had a football career truly damaged by these false accusations and spent time in jail for something he didn't do. 

Policeman have said for years that most rapes go unreported and that an awful lot of reported rapes are not rapes at all. I'm not a policeman but I'll take their word for it.

Woman don't report rapes because they feel like they are going to be treated like criminals and I can't say as I blame them. It's probably like having to go through the ordeal over again several times during interviews with police and prosecuters. I can see where someone would not want to go through all of that.

A big part of the reason woman go through this type of grilling while trying to report a rape is because of the number of false allegations made by other woman. The police and prosecuters have to hammer the woman reporting the crime in an effort to weed out the false accusations.

Several years ago I listened to a guy that was a juror on a rape trial. He had something interesting to say after the trial was over. He said that clearly something had happened that wasn't really right but whatever happened wasn't actually a rape. 

A few months later another juror commented that to her it seemed more like a case of buyer's remorse than anything else.

You hear women complain loudly about being treated like criminals when the report a sexual assault. Yet you hear crickets when you ask why more women are not up in arms over false accusations.

Sexual assaults are no joke They are serious business and those that commit that crime deserve to do serious time. Women have screamed out demanding justice and rightfully so.

What they have not seemed to do is scream out for true justice and demanded that the women that falsely accuse someone of these crimes get prosecuted.

Truth is that until women start policing their own ranks they are not likely to see a whole lot of change. In order to see change woman are going to have to get involved and condemn those that abuse the criminal justice system with false accusations.

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