Thursday, January 1, 2015

Yesterday I bought an old fashioned safety razor

 at a local drug chain store. I have one at work I tried and wanted one for home. Personally I think they're great.

The "Pawn Stars" guy, Rick Harrison started shilling for them a while back and I bit. I am glad I did. I used to use one decades ago and I think they give a great shave.

So I looked in the shaving aisle and no dice. I asked one of the women if they carried safety razors. She pointed to the shaving aisle. I told her there were none and she looked at me and asked me what a safety razor was.

"It's the kind you take the blade out of when you want to cut your wrists," I said and instantly regretted it. She was one of those suicide hotline types and almost went into a panic.

She started giving me the usual spiel given to those in depression contemplatine suicide. To be honest, after that kind of counseling even a normal, well adjusted person wants to jump but I digress.

Anyway, someone behind me laughed when I described the razor and he bailed me out.

"The kind Miss Jones used?" he asked.

I turned and saw a guy a couple years older than me. I thought for a second.

"Yeah," I said. "That's the kind."  I grinned when I had figured out which Miss Jones he was talking about."1973, right? I haven't seen that one in 40 years."

We both laughed.

"The razor is in the 'as seen on TV' aisle, over here," he said and took me there. The woman followed us.

"Who is Miss Jones?" she asked.

"Never mind," we both chorused.

I took the razor, thanked them and headed to the register.

It's strange how someone can mention a 40 year old porno film as a point of reference. The movie, The Devil in Miss Jones was a double billing with Deep Throat in the early 70s and actually became mainstream fashionable for a while. Guys actually brought their wives to see it with them. My first wife asked me to take her after one of her friends had gone with her husband. I took her. 

When I was stationed at Fort Carson the double billing ran at the Las Vegas Cinema for years. When you drove past the place you never knew who you would see going in. An awful lot of people were going in as couples. It was really an interessting change in society.

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