Thursday, April 2, 2015

Earth Day. Coming soon to a town near you.

I didn't bother to look when Earth Day is but I think it's coming up soon. 

Ok, I just looked it up. It's April 22nd.

It is the day when politicians and celebrities come charging out making speeches and are seen taking old unused cans of paint, computer screens and other things to the proper recycling center.

Other politicians and celebrities will be seen planting flowers, fruits and vegetables and carrying on about the 100% organic lifestyle.

They will say all kinds of things about how we are supposed to treat Mother Earth.

May 30th is a special day, too. However, it is not on the calendar.

It is the day that the same celebrities and politicians that are tending their 100% organic garden tire of pulling weeds by hand and break out the Roundup and other chemicals.

Seeing it is in the spring they will go to their second homes in some rural area. Likely they will take a private jet or a gas-guzzling limo that gets about 3 or 4 mpg.

If the home is on an island they will take a diesel powered stinkpot of a boat to it and run full bore leaving a trail of greasy smoke behind them. It will probably resemble a coal burner.

It is also the Saturday that they decide to clean their rural home's garage and discover the leftover 5 gallons of battery acid or drain clearing hydrochloric acid in the corner somewhere and pour it straight down a storm sewer or dump it out in a weed filled corner of their yard.

Do you expect any less of our elected officials and celebrities?

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