Saturday, April 11, 2015

One of the things I am discovering

 about ham radio is something I have actually known all along. Actually it is not just about ham radio, but about people in general.

I am at about 185 confirmed DX entities and now have emptied the pot to the point where I am hunting the rare spots in my quest for 200 DX entities.

As a result I have started digging around and sending emails to hams that are in had to get entities.

Most recently I have sent an email to a Libyan ham and got a warm reply. I won't share it here.

He is not alone as there have been a number of emails I have swapped with other hams over the years. One of the interesting things I have noted is that generally all of them are willing to admit that even though our governments may not agree that as hams we share a common interest.

A couple of Cuban hams have offered me the hospitality of their homes if I ever get there. Frankly I'd LOVE to visit Cuba come January. Their offer is stashed away somewhere.

I have swapped emails with Iranians, Kuwaitis, Japanese, a Libyan, several people from the Arab world and a lot more. Many of these places have governments and revolutionary organizations in their countries that hate the United States.

Yet the average ham is willing to put that aside and get on the air with other hams no matter what governments, religious leaders, whatever think. There's a lot to be said for that.

Right now the ball is in my court with the Libyan. He has offered to make a scheduled attempt for a QSO with me and when things settle down I am going to try and give it a go. I am going to run a VOACAP propagation prediction and see if we can make contact.

If I do, it will be all well and good. But even if we don't, the Libyan and I will at least share the fact that we tried. In the future both of us will keep out ears open for each other and maybe it will come to fruition.

The good part is that another human and I that live under governments that are not friendly to each other have made some kind of friendship.

Too bad it isn't contageous. 

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