Monday, April 13, 2015

Rand Paul doesn't stand a chance.

Personally I have nothing against him and would not be too upset to see him get into the Oval Office. He has a lot of pretty good ideas, really.

I think that the reason Paul doesn't stand a chance is because the RNC hates him. They don't want to see the apple cart upset. They're likely to try and push a 'moderate' on us like that idiot Christie.

Of course, I see none other than Mike Huckabee sitting there with a hopeful look on his face but the truth is he has talked himself out of any chance for the presidency years ago. Santorum is another one.

Actually Santorum set a record of talking himself OUT of the Oval Office faster than anyone I have ever seen in my life. He screwed up by the numbers and didn't skip a single one or even get them out of order. He alienated himself from everyone, one by one.

The truth is, Rand Paul is hated by the old school Republican types. If he ever does get the nomination what is likely to happen is the RNC won't really get behind him and funnel the necessary funds to support him.

They'll likely do what they did to Bob Dole. They'll funnel him just enough money to save face and not a dime more.

It leads me to believe that the RNC would rather have someone like Elizabeth Warren in the White house than a Republican that isn't part of their good old boys network.

Personally I would rather see a Larry the Plumber type in the Oval Office but that's just me.

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