Tuesday, April 28, 2015

In any group of peoplei

 generally someone emerges as a leader of sorts because he is enamored with the idea of telling people what to do.

Generally I ignore these self appointed leaders as I tend to ignore politicians, governmental rules and regulations and other trivial matters. I simply do the right and responsible thing. I guess it's worked so far as I am not sitting in jail.

Armies and business organizations need readers to function and I recognize that. I also recognize the common sense concept that things need to be organized. For example, a disorganized rifle range can be lethal. 

 I also recognize the Golden Rule whereby he who has the gold makes the rules. I try to be a good employee.

But pretty much outside of that I ignore a lot of leadership, either elected or self-appointed. Often it makes me a pariah. Last August it got me kicked out of my high school graduating class as I told the self-appointed commander in chief of the reunion that I didn't want to dance.

Of course, I wasn't a total pariah at the reunion. I had supporters. A lot of people laughed like hell when I told the commander in chief that I didn't want to dance. 

I generally give a person an out before I slam them. I told her I had a bad ankle and shouldn't dance. She wouldn't hear of it so I simply told her I didn't want to watch a bunch of old ladies dance and that the only dancers I did want to watch work at the Kit Kat club.

Truth is, I hate strip joints but let's not let the facts get in the way of a good put down. The truth is that I was dealing with someone that simply liked telling other people what to do. She was trying to tell me to do something I didn't want to do and got upset when I refused to play her stupid little game.

Anyway, one  thing about elected officials is that I'd say the overwhelming majority of them are not so much caring people as they are simply people that like to tell other people what to do.

As things get outlawed they go underground and simply continue. For example, in NYC firearms are pretty much outlawed. Still ask any member of New York's Finest if there are a lot of unregistered firearms in the hands of otherwise law abiding citizens and he'll likely say there are. If he doesn't he's a liar.

Another example is the never ending war on drugs. It's a constant struggle and a losing one at best. The people that get caught generally wind up in jail and a large percentage of our prison population is occupied with people involved in the trade of illegal narcotics of one form or another.

The war on drugs is simply a colossal waste of time, energy and resources. It costs all of us a lot of money every April 15th. The war on drugs has been a spectacular failure since it was declared in the 60s.

Better to legalize it and tax it gently. I say gently because the idiots in Washington will likely try and tax the holy hell out of it and undo things. If drugs are heavily taxed then people will continue to go underground for their dope simply because it is cheaper.

Moonshining flourishes to this day simply because it is untaxed and presumably as a result is cheaper than taxed store-bought whisky.

Granted drugs are not a real healthy choice. Still, I really don't think that the government should be wasting time and effort on them. People are simply going to do what they want to do and that's the way it is.

One example is that I drive my pickup pretty much ignoring the speed limits but adjusting my speed for existing conditions. If I am in a residential neighborhood I slow down to 25 or maybe 30, depending on the circumstances. If it is foggy I lower my speed even more. If it is icy it drops way down.

On the highways I drive at a speed I feel comfortable with and for the most part ignore the posted signs. It must work pretty well because I don't get tickets on any regular basis. The last two I got years ago I didn't lose any points as the cop determined my speed wasn't really all that awful high.

Both were actually my fault and I deserved worse. The first one I was knowingly going like the hammers of hell trying to get home from sea faster. I was being irresponsible and knew it.

The other I got out of negligence as I just let the pickup roll as it wanted to down a long, steep hill. I simply said 'the hell with it' because it was a long straight stretch and really didn't care.

In short, like most of us I simply try and lead a fairly responsible life. I really don't need a whole lot of governmental intervention to tell me how to live. I pretty much do OK for myself for the most part.

I suppose that's open for debate, though come the Fourth of July. I do make quite a racket a couple of times but fact remains I do so in a safe way. Speaking of the fourth of July they have one in England, believe it or not.

Do you think the Brits are going to change the entire calendar just because some uppity colonists decided to declare independence? Look at a UK calendar if you don't believe me and you will see that they don't skip a day. I digress.

Anyway, there are always people out there that try and tell the rest of us what to do, how to act, and how to think. For the most part they do little but make life miserable for those of us that already have a basic sense of responsibility.

It seems that the majority of people that run for office seem to be people that like telling other people what to do. It seems to be the flaw in the system. Very, very few people in office seem to embrace the concept of liberty. They seem to want to take it away from people.

That is another reason I have little use for most politicians. They simply don't embrace the concept of liberty.

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