Thursday, April 30, 2015

I am paying

 a little attention to the riots going on in Baltimore. 

I saw where one mother that saw her kid throwing rocks at policemen went down and chased her kid home. Kudos to her for good parenting!

What I want to know is where the rest of the parents were. Why were they not chasing THEIR kids home?

Most likely they were sitting there at home watching the tube and making excuses for their offspring instead of actually doing something for a change.

Actually from what I read the majority of the people arrested were adults so it is likely that a lot of the kids there were simply following the delightfully splendid example set by their parents.

I heard a CVS just got the torch put to it. Someone wonders if they are going to rebuild. I don't know but I can't blame them if they don't. Why bother if it is going to likely be razed again the next time someone goes on the warpath. 

Things like this are a step in the direction of a neighborhood or area becoming a desert in the middle of a city. There are places called 'food deserts' that I have mentioned before. They are places where food is unobtainable without leaving the area. It's a symptom of a bad neighborhood. Nobody wants to open a food market in the area because they will either be burned, robbed or shoplifted to death.

People in the area complain about it but it seems nobody in the neighborhood wants to do anything about it. They could. For one thing they could organize and run the criminal element out. Personally, I'd likely just move but that is me. I have no ties to any particular neighborhood. However, I do try make where I live a safer and nicer place.

Still, the Baltimore riots seem to be just another race riot and I read somewhere that one of the Big Cheeses inciting things is one of the New Black Panther Party hotshots. He's (as usual) spouting off about a race war.

Not too bright if you ask me. The last time I read up on revolutions or wars is it is best not to start them unless you are damned good and sure you're going to win.

With 11-13% of the population being black it's probably not a very good idea, and even that's assuming that all blacks will support it.

Most won't support it. They likely are too busy trying to make a living and feed and raise their kids just like their non-black counterparts.

Many blacks will not only not support it but will side against it. The truth is that middle class blacks have the most to lose and will suffer the most. They don't want any part of it because they know that no matter what, they will be lumped into the same category as the revolutionaries simply based on the color of their skin.

While it isn't right, that's the way it is.

Right now a lot of the black community shares one thing with peaceful Muslims. They are simply sitting there keeping their mouths shut. To me this is the wrong approach.

Of course, the usual gang of idiots like Jackson and Sharpton are going to make excuses for them. That's going to go over like a lead balloon as if has been for quite some time. The much overplayed race card is has been played out for quite a while now.

It's time for so-called Muslim and black community leaders to start sounding off and deplore the violence. Sitting there and doing nothing is pretty much taken as acceptance of unacceptable things.

As for the black community there seems to be a sense of black identity and a fear of being called an oreo or something.

It's now well past time that the black middle and working class take a long hard look at the situation and decide that racial identity is what it is. It's a crock.

It's time black men and women stop thinking of themselves as being black men and women and simply as men and women. It's time for the black middle class to decide publicly that they want no part of the people of any color that would riot, sell drugs and steal.

It's time they stand up and tell the world that they are not a part of this crap and are tired of being clumped into that group just because of their color.

Dr. King tried to live for the day when a man would be judged not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character. It's time for middle class black to let go of these people that do nothing but drag them down.

It's time for blacks and Muslims to speak out against the jihad, violence, gangsta, and dependent lifestyle and tell the world that they are not a part of it. It's time for these people to assert themselves not as blacks, Muslims or whatever, but as human beings.

Let's take a quick look at a few highly successful blacks in this country. They certainly don't support the goings ons of the low-end black community. The truth is that I'd bet that people Thomas Sowell, Condeleeza Rice, Ben Carson, Herman Cain and the like really don't give a damn about what some low life thinks of them.

Ben Carson has already spoken out against the violence, calling it senseless. 

The truth is that people like this really don't care what someone thinks of them because they are too busy being successful. Especially some low-life that's of the  gangsta lifestyle. People like that didn't become highly successful by  being a part of that lifestyle. In fact, they probably resent it.

The same holds true for peaceful Muslims. They don't support the violence.

It's well past time the Imans and peaceful Muslims speak out and show their abhorrence for the violence.

It's also well past time that middle class successful blacks speak out against the gangsta lifestyle.

If the fail to do so they will likely continue to be dragged down by these worthless people.


Incidentally I have a bone to pick with the Mayor of that stink hole city.

She told the police to stand down and let the rioters loot. "It's only property" is what I read she was reported to say.

First of all, I wonder what she would have said it it was HER home or business someone was going to put the torch to. 

What she should have done is announced that looters will be shot on sight.

She, in her elevated status, ought to be reminded that an awful lot of people have everything they own and possibly will own tied up in a home or business. 

They have spent their lives toiling away in the gamble of a business. The business or home is very much a part of their lives. They have every right in the world to defend it just as they have the right to defend their lives.

The mayor ordered the police to simply let an angry mob destroy businesses that people have put a lot of their lives into.

To be honest with you, she should be tarred and feathered by a mob of angry business owners.

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