Monday, April 20, 2015

I have seen part of a news story

 about how some guy calculated the monetary value of a stay at home wife.  The figure of $75K just popped up on the screen and I guess we can run with that for sake of argument.

Sounds a little low to me. 

Truth is that it is pretty damned hard to put a financial value on such a thing. It's neigh impossible to put a price tag on well-mannered disciplined kids. In this day and age they are simply priceless.

Much of the work mothers do at home is really simple minimum wage hotel/motel maid stuff. The cleaning and cooking doesn't take a rocket scientist to do that kind of work. Still, the overtime is pretty overwhelming as it is pretty much a 24/7 job.

While coming home to a nice home is a treat for the wage earner. I suppose at one time it was the guy that was the main breadwnner but that has changed now. An increasing number of men are now stay at home dads.  

Still, for the most part these days staying at home seems to be mom's job.

There's a lot more to things than cooking and cleaning. There's tending to children. While it gets eeasier in some ways as a child leaves infancy it gets harder in other ways as a kid starts growing up. That's where I think a stay at home parent starts to be put to task.

This is where things get a little challenging. Mom has to become a number of things besides a maid and diaper changer. About the time they are toilet trained they have to be watched like a hawk and mothers have to be able to do their household chores and watch the kid(s) at the same time. 

They also have to become nurses and counselors at the same time as spills and accidents are inevitible. Nurses and counselors make good money. I suppose you could add that to the pot.

It strikes me that in order to calculate the value of a stay at home parent one would have to hire a full-time CPA and even he doesn't have a chance in hell of calculating the true value of a stay at home parent because there are a lot of intangibles involved that nobody can really put a price on.

The guy that tried calculating his stay at home wife's value was likely trying to give her a positive stroke and give he some kind of value to look at as a sign of appreciation. Still, I think he missed the boat.

The value of a stay at home mom can range from peanuts to incalculable depending on how serious she takes his or her job and does it.

Good stay at home parents are priceless.

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