Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Shot in the face training.

Recently a Boston cop got shot in the face and managed to shoot the shooter dead. It was a clear case of self-defense and I suppose the cop was lucky to get the shot off that dropped his assailant.

Of course someone griped about the cop shooting the sweet, innocent little trashbag. The police spokesman pointed out that the policeman had been SHOT IN THE FACE.

The hippie replied with, "Yeah, but you're trained for that."

I am not bashful and have actually asked a few cops about how they train to be shot in the face and I have come to the conclusion that an awful lot of police trainees at the various academies skip that class.

I can't imagine why. I suppose it is on the training program and is mentioned during other classes.

"After lunch between 1 and 3 we are going to have get shot in the face class. Each and every one of you is going to be shot in the face," announces the teacher before the 10-12 investigation class breaks for lunch.

Of course, everyone seems to skip that class and reoprts for the report writing class that is scheduled between 3 and 5 and ends with a dinner break.

Yet every trainee that does well in the other classes and graduates gets sent on the streets as a certified policeman.

I wonder why so many trainees skip such an important part of their training. I can't imagine why.

Maybe the police spokeman should have politely explained to the moron that the officer that got shot had skipped the getting shot in the face class and therefore wasn't trained as to how to react when one gets shot in the face.

The again maybe the police spokesman did the right thing because idiots like that would cause a hue and cry to make a class of how to deal with getting shot in the face amandatory class for all academy trainees.

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  1. The fool expecting a cop to be trained to be shot in the face should be shot himself.

    If Mr Hippie won't take a point blank in the goatee then they can't expect anyone else to.

    Actually given the day today, let's just administer justice and wipe Mr Goatbeard out.

    It's only a joke, right?