Saturday, April 4, 2015

I bear no ill will

 whatsoever to the gay community but I have been watching something interesting.

Seems a small time pizza shop got bushwhacked by a reporter looking for trouble.

The pizza shop serves everyone regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, whatever. It's their job both as business people and as Christians. You walk in the door they serve you. THat's pretty much the way it is.

So the reorter asked these people if they would cater to a gay wedding and they said they wouldn't, citing religious reasons.

Of course, the reporter used this to create a big uproar. The place and the owners started receiving death threats. They had to close shop.

I guess someone of the conservative news people set up a fund to help them out and as of a few minutes ago it seems to have raised over $840,000 in two days.

Not bad. It seems like the people are speaking by opening their wallets. I tossed in a couple of bucks just for the sole purpose of sticking it to the Gaystapo.

I bear no ill will to the gay community in general. I don't like being around flamers and from what I understand, neither do an awful lot of gays. I simply consider flamers to be a pain in the neck. But the average gay doesn't bother me a bit. 

Truth be known, I consider rabid fundamentalist Christians to be more of a danger to my liberties than gay activists.

My beef with the gay community is with the Gaystapo. These are the militant gays that will tear up anyone simply to further their agenda.

That pizza place simply didn't want to cater to a gay wedding which really is their business. They should not be forced to do business with anyone they don't want to do business with. 

Truth is, if they don't want to do business with gays then why are the gays so interested in forcing them. After all, it's their money they are putting into someone's hands that doesn't really much care for them. All they really are is a bunch of troublemakers that do little for their cause.

If I were forced into doing business with someone I didn't like you can bet your ass I'd start pricing my goods or services straight out of Chapter 4 of The Gouger's Handbook.

To anyone in the gay community that I either know or that knows me, I bear no ill will to you. I wish you happiness. Lord knows, there's not enough of it going around. I hope you find it.

The couple of bucks I tossed to the Memories Pizza people wasn't to do you harm in any way. It was simply to piss off the Gaystapo.

While we're at it, the reporter that bushwhacked these fine people is not on my list of people I wish happiness on. I wish you a life of complete, abject misery for creating misery where there was happiness.

One of the things we don't do anymore is hold people accountable.

I have to admit that I would laugh like hell to hear that someone out of nowhere sucker punched the reporter and took off and got away. Or maybe the reporter got a gallon of paint or five dumped on them from a ledge or overhang and the dumper vanished.

Maybe if we went back to the old fashoned sock in the nose then people would stop trying to make other people miserable.

As for the reporter, I guess it backfired because as I write this the Memories Pizza people are going to wind up 842,387 dollars happier.

I have no problem with that.

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