Saturday, September 12, 2015

Here's something Andrea Shea King wrote a while back

It is an interesting read.

I'll add that the only form of long distance communication that needs no infrastructure is ham radio. It needs nothing but a radio and an operator.

I suppose the government can try and outlaw it but if they do it simply means that operators become outlaws and therefore are not subject to any rules and regulations.

The minute it becomes outlawed it means that operators don't have to operate inside specific ham bands, can encrypt messages and pretty much do as they want.

Of course, the fixed station becomes obsolete but an awful lot of now lawful operators enjoy portable and mobile operations. 

Ham radio is often thought of as being horribly expensive but I put a decent station together for about $1600 that has gotten me all over the world with ease. I am close to logging 200 entities worldwide now with this setup. I bought everything brand new. I could have gotten by for half of what I spent or even much less if I shopped around or went into the used market. 

My portable rig was less than half that and I can set it up in seconds just about anywhere, shoot off or receive a message and be gone. I have worked every state in the Union with this rig and an awful lot of DX.

Just something to think about.

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