Tuesday, September 8, 2015

There is a Kentucky county clerk

 that is refusing to issue marriage permits to gays. I know it has been in the news lately.

Now I have just read of a Muslim woman working as an airline attendant. She has refused to serve alcohol to passengers for religious reasons.

If your religion won't permit you to do a certain job then don't apply for it. 

It is as simple as that.

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  1. Be fair Pic. The lass is faced with a job changed by Imperial Judges.

    Where she once provided the official government license to institutionalize a profound recognition of a couple mated. And that couple were Man and Wife. She now finds herself ordered to officially bless same sex pantomime imitating marriage.

    The change being not spearheaded by the rlectorate, but imposed by devils at the bench, the sll powerful judiciary.

    You've written before that government should not even be in the marriage business. Made sense.

    But jailing a lass because she has enough self conviction to stand up to a usurper of the people's will and vote - the evil of unrestrained judicial imperialism should not get your support.

    The queen folk had other ways to get licenses for their unions, she doesn't have another way to be faithful. They had options, she has none.

    Her people elected her because she was a person of conviction. They didn't vote in a faithless sop. They wanted someone concerned about the soul eternsl, in others and their own. Why should any judge prevail over the voters will?

    The lass before she was jailed actually stop issuing any marriage licenses, meeting your idea of taking government out of the marriage business. She should never have lost her liberty for doing right.

  2. Part II

    The flight attendant took an established job, barmaid in the plane, and wants to impose her imagined religious rights on an existing job.

    Piss on her.

    If she had spied to be a pig farmer's farm hand would she claim to impose religious right to force the pug farmer to stop farming pigs?

    This manipulative bitch KNEW she the job involved serving alcohol before she trained and applied for the gig.

    She's not wrong for her convictions or religion, she is ever so wrong for trying to change the job after contracting to do the work.

  3. Hey Pic, you have been hoodwinked - this judge has an agenda:

    The judge that ordered Kim Davis to be jailed for not breaking the law, but opposing his unlawful orders, is the same judge behind re-educating (indoctrinating) Kentucky student who opposed sodomy.

    Read more at http://sonsoflibertymedia.com/2015/09/judge-who-jailed-kim-davis-also-ordered-opposition-to-sodomites-to-be-re-educated/