Friday, September 25, 2015

The Pope has arrived!

and I really do not see much of an upside to it.

I wish His Holiness had stayed in Rome for all the trouble it seems to be causing. One can not get a room in Philly and the advisory signs on the entire length of the PA turnpike say that one should hunt for a secondary route.

It's a good thing I don't have to commute back and forth for a while or I'd be screwed.

Right now I am no big fan of Pope Francis. He's had too much of a socialist background and is trying to palm socialism off on us. It doesn't work. He also said that the Declaration of Independence is outdated. What horse shit!

He babbles about the poor and outside of CONUS his word may certainly hold water but he truth is there really are not a whole lot of poor people in this country. At least if you look at what poor really is. If you want to see poor then go to Africa or South America.

Over the years I have considered a lot of religious leaders to be a pain in the ass and not conducive to freedom. Pope Francis just seems to have made it to the list of religious leaders that I consider not conducive to freedom.

Right now we have a large number of Muslims that are supportive of administering Sharia law in this country. If you want Sharia law go somewhere else.

Many of the Christian community are not a whole lot better. For decades they have tried to add their religious values to our laws. The Republican party jumped in bed with the Christian coalition and American conservatism has suffered as a direct result of it. 

The Republican party now has a reputation (well deserved) as being the moral police. Women's rights have suffered as a result of it. The gay community has had to fight the Republicans tooth and nail for their rights. Why? Because the Republican party hopped into bed with the Christian coalition and started letting them force their idea of morality on us. (The Dems are no better but it's another subject)

As far as I'm concerned, when a church steps out from behind the pulpit and enters the political arena they ought to lose their tax-exempt status. They want into the political system, then they can pay taxes just like everyone else.

I daresay that if the Catholic Church was in danger of losing its tax-exempt status then Pope Francis would sure change his tune. He's be here leading Catholics instead of sticking his nose in the business of our government.

Pope Francis is demanding we change our ways and he simply has no right to. We're the Untied States of America and not a subsidy of the Catholic Church. Right now he's being just like the Islamist types that are demanding Sharia law. Beat it. Go back to Rome and lead the Catholic Church, and ONLY the Catholic Church.

Before you start running your mouth and start calling me anti-Catholic, you might take a look at the dogtag around my neck.

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  1. With Pontiff Francis playing games equating most every religion as equivalent, one worries that his communism and ventures into politics with the pseudoscience it entails is even about Christianity except in passing?