Monday, September 7, 2015

There is some damned thing on TV in the background

 about the Jerry Sandusky/ Joe Paterno molestation thing that happened at Penn State a couple of years ago. 

Penn State should have simply been kicked out of the NCAA, period. Adios. Gone. History. Good bye, Boys and Girls. You will not see us ever again at any time or on any channel.

While Paterno wasn't a molester, he abetted Sandusky in it by turning a blind eye. Yet there are a lot of people afterwards that defended him Paterno. 

The entire part that disgusted me more than anything else is when a number of locals showed their true colors by defending the bastard.

I was wearing a Pedo State T-shirt and on the way into a supermarket some Pedo State alumni started in on my case about it. He could have said that the student body and faculty knew nothing about it and abhorred it but he didn't.

Instead he started telling me what a great guy Joe Paterno was. He didn't like it very much when I told him that great guys don't cover for child molesters. He didn't like that a whole lot and called me a couple of choice words.

That's when I went off on him. His wife and son were with him and I pointed at his son and said, "OK, Mister! Why don't YOU donate him, your son to that sick bastard Jerry Sandusky if football is so important. WHen this youngster cries out in the night YOU comfort him and explain to him how important it is to win the Big GAME!"

I think he wanted to swing on me. There was no way he could have talked his way out of that corner I had painted him into yet he didn't even have the moral character to be embarrassed.

His wife at least had the decency to be embarrassed, but he wasn't. 

It was stuff like this that irked me even more than the scandal. Many of the Penn State people I ran into had no sense of decency. To them nothing was more important than a damned football game. A damned game!

They didn't give a damn about the kids Sandusky molested abetted by Paterno. To them it was "It's a shame what happened to the football program."

Steeler fever I suppose is one thing. Actually Steeler fever makes life a bit easier for me. I shop during the Steeler games when the stores are empty.

It is often said that Pittsburgh is a town with a football problem and I have to admit that it sure looks like it to me. There's something wrong with people that consider  an abetter in a child molestation case a hero just because he wins football games.

Later update.

Here's something worth throwing a donation to.

At least SOMEONE connected to Pedo State seems to have some decency:

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