Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I just found a card in my window from a co worker

Who is also a ham operator. I ran his call and he is a technician in grade and is a local. I imagine he's active in his area on 2 meters as there isn't a whole lot a technician can do on HF.

My guess is that he's in the city and has no place to set up a decent HF antenna as he appears to be a city dweller.

Maybe he has no interest in HF but if I meet up with him I'm going to pass on to him a couple of forums because the guys there are pretty good at setting up antennas in odd places.

Either that or I'll introduce him to the PRC 320s and other man packs that will allow him to go on the air outside of his home.

Why not?

A number of guys in the city seem to steer clear of HF because of the antenna issue yet there are a lot of ways a guy that is interested can go on the air in a city environment.

I once met a ham that operated out of a flat in Manhattan for a while and he said he managed to do OK, considering.

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