Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I was right.

Both DXpeditions have me in their logs.

Niue and Market Reef have me in their logs and I have requested QSL cards from both. In a couple of months I will have these two confirmed and scratched off of the list.

I have 200 logged. It's really 201 but Kosovo doesn't count. Of these 201 I have about 195 confirmed. I see three confirming which means I have to either work or rework a couple of entities.

The way to do that I suppose is look around on line for upcoming DXpeditions and email the expeditioners to keep their ears open.


I just heard an old classmate cashed in his chips. He died in a fire which doesn't seem like a very good way to go if you ask me.

I remember him well. He was a charismatic character that was somewhat of a bored kid in high school and therefore was always in trouble. He was one of those guys that wore his hair in a grease cut instead of a Beatle haircut like the Dedicated Followers of Fashion.

In a school wide act of rebelliousness we elected him to be our Good Government Day representative much to the chagrin of the administration. Personally I think the administration wasn't above stuffing the ballot box to keep him out but they knew the landslide was too great. Had they tried it there would have been a general mutiny.

What REALLY galled the hell out of the administration is that when he got to the Good Government Day program he burned up the lead and showed a lot of leadership. The people there commented on the spectacular job he did. The administration announced it on the PA system and the entire student body cheered.

One of the high points was when at an assembly of the entire student body the vice principal had to call him up and shake his hand. He looked like a guy that was going to be dipped into a vat of raw sewage when he did. I do believe he truly hated the kid. 

Anyway, he's gone, at age 65 and I have one regret that I didn't look him up the last time I was home. I would have gotten a kick out of talking to him and getting the inside story 46 years after the fact.

Incidentally they say the truth always seems to come out. The term VICE principal fitted that guy as he knocked up not one, but two teachers. I guess they let the first one slide because he married her but according to another now dead classmate, when he knocked up the second teacher the school committee decided to give him the axe.

Anyway, I have a few things to do today and one of them is some more plumbing. I didn't try and force the entire project over the course of a long day just to get it over with. I broke it into thirds which means I was fresh when I started and wasn't trying to rush through it. I think it makes for a better job.

Incidentally the reason I had to replumb the copper was because of electrolysis. There is some stray current of some sort running through the plumbing and I'm going to try and trace and eliminate it.

I can see where the electrician cheaped out when the place was built and grounded the panel to the nearest cold water pipe. I'll put in a ground rod outside to eliminate that part. I'll also install an electrical jumper over the ball valve on the hot water heater.


Anyway, my day is planned.

Oh, yeah. Mister Groundhog just popped up. I'd like to take him out but I suppose the tree hugger down the street would raise holy hell if she heard the shot. Right now it would be a safe shot, too.

He's up against the hill and the bullet would go through him and into the soft earth behind him.

Oh, well.

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