Thursday, September 17, 2015

I have noticed that the military elites

seem to get an undue amount of attention. A lot of people forget that not everyone is a SEAL, Green Beret or Ranger.

While some of this is fair. They busted their asses to get into elite units. Still, one has to remember that an awful lot of casualties are non-elite troops.

Any unit has guys in it that are people like clerks, service and logistics guys. These people also serve and take casualties.

You would think that being a truck driver is a safe enough job but it isn't. Truck drivers move people and supplies through places that are not necessarily secure and a number of them have been lost when the supply convoy gets hit.

They die and become just as dead as a SEAL, Ranger or Paratrooper does when he gets killed.

A lot of people wonder about the women in the service. They get torn up, too. Recently I saw a picture of several amputee women that have been combat casualties. None of them are fighting elites. Yet women have died in combat and are just as dead as anyone else.

Just something to think about.

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