Saturday, September 26, 2015

Someone asked me for a good 1000 yard match 7.62 NATO load and here's where I'd start.

From Wikipedia:

Cartridge, Caliber 7.62mm Special Ball, Long Range, MK 316 MOD 0 (United States): A 175-grain (11.3 g) round specifically designed for long-range sniping consisting of Sierra MatchKing Hollow Point Boat Tail projectiles, Federal Cartridge Company match cartridge cases and Gold Medal Match primers. The Propellant has been verified as IMR 4064 (per NSN 1305-01-567-6944 and Federal Cartridge Company Contract/Order Number N0016408DJN28 and has a charge weight per the specs of 41.745-grain (2.7 g).[15] "

In short, the recipe is a 175 Sierra pushed my 41.745 grains of IMR 4064 and lit off with a Federal Gold medal primer. Load it in a Federal match case.

Can it be tuned up for a specific rifle? Of course, but it's a pretty good starting point.

A 1000 yard load seems to be simple except for the fact that the Sierra 168 grain Match King will go subsonic before it hits 1000 yards at normal pressures.

The two choices I see using Sierra bullets are to either get a 175 moving fast enough or drop down to a 155 grain Sierra Palma and get it moving fast.

The 175 grain Sierra most likely tends to be effected by wind less so that's where I'd start.

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