Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I got to squeeze one in today,

On an internet thread I saw where some guy parked his car in a selfish manner and left it there for 2 hours. Apparently nobody complained.

His excuse was that his classic car had a cherry 32 year old paint job. He wanted to keep it from being scratched.

His point was taken. Personally he gets a pass from me. On the other hand if I had a car like that I would not use it to go shopping with.

Years ago I gave up on things like that. I discovered that I am one of those people that can never have nice things. Most of us fit into this category.

I gave up on this years ago. 

That guy Murphy that wrote all those laws was an optimist.

There are just too many lazy, stupid, and inconsiderate people in this world to be able to keep anything nice. 

I have had my fair share of door dings, hit and runs and other stuff. It's the reason I don't spend a whole lot of money to make anything too nice. Someone will come along and ding it up.

In Philly I was sitting in a parking lot when a fat, inconsiderate local pulled up next to me. She opened her door and left me with a nice long scruffed part on the side of my then new pickup.

As I write this I am a victim of some jerk's inconsideration. My battery alarm has just told me that someone unpluggd this computer to plug something in. I have no problem with that except for he didn't plug it back in when he was done using the outlet.

I know who did this and the next time I run into him he's going to wish he plugged it back in when he was done with it. Maybe I can get a street named after him. A One Way street.

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