Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A lot of people do not understand what-not who, but what- Donald Trump is.

The candidacy of Donald Trump is nothing more or less than an American revolution that has been needed for an awful long time.

The entire Trump thing is nothing more or less than the working stiffs telling BOTH parties that they are sick and tired of business as usual politics. The working stiff is tired of being robbed and pushed around.

We’re tired of people named Clinton, we’re tired of people named Bush, we’re tired of a government being run by crooks, thieves and thugs. We’re tired of party elites making deals with our rights, freedoms and paychecks.

We’re sick and tired of the parties pandering to low-lifes and using the federal treasury to buy the votes of those that just drag us down deeper and deeper.

We’re sick and tired of things like Obamacare that was heralded as being able to save us money and allowing us to keep our doctors only to find in many cases that health insurance is now costing us more than our mortgages. All the while, we are paying for someone else’s health care that they are getting for free.
We’re tired of Big Pharma that has bought off our politicians in exchange for being able to rape us on the cost of prescription drugs.

We’re sick and tired of Congress Critters being allowed to do the kind of insider trading that got Martha Stewart thrown in jail. It’s really a pretty slick system. It sounds like a pretty slick system.

They buy stocks in some small company. Then they award it a juicy government contract. The stocks go up and they sell and laugh all the way to the bank. Meanwhile we, the people wind up paying for some useless pile of junk that sits in a warehouse for years and gets thrown out.

Of course, if one of US gets wind of this and buys and sells the stocks then we get to sit for a while in Martha Stewart’s old cell. Needless to say, the government didn’t let her decorate it, either. It’s probably still painted ‘guard house grey’ or some other government color.

We’re sick and tired of government trying to manage our lives for us. We’re tired of the gun grabbers, the people that want to regulate woman’s bodies, order us to wear seat belts, and make us pay inflated rates for health insurance.

We’re tired of a government dividing us racially and setting race relations back fifty years. The Obama administration has done this for the past 8 years. It really has nothing to do with fighting racism and everything to do with power. If they keep us divided and fighting with each other we’re easier to control.

We’re tired of career politicians that make their entire life’s work of pushing us around and stealing from us.

We’re just plain sick and tired of being sick and tired. We’re desperate. We want to see a positive change of some sort.

Donald Trump is arguably the biggest asshole the northeast part of the country has ever produced. Let’s call that a given. OK. He’s a big, egotistical asshole. He’s also richer that God. He’s made every dime of his money in the private sector and hasn’t stolen a dime from us.

He threw his hat into the ring. The people knew that he was a less than perfect candidate. In fact, he was a jerk but we decided that a jerk like him was better than anything EITHER party had to offer.

On the other hand he is what he is. More importantly he isn’t what he isn’t. He isn’t a “Daddy it’s my turn” Bush. He isn’t a crooked Clinton. He isn’t one of the sorry candidates the GOPe was offering, nor is he a part of the corrupt, rigged, fraudulent offering of the Democrats. He’s his own man.

In fact, over the years he has donated money to an awful lot of Congress Critters. Trump doesn’t owe them anything. The opposite is true. Many of them owe him!

I have often said here that I judge a man not by his friends, but by his enemies. Let’s take a look at the long list of who Trump has pissed off.

First of all the GOP elites are supporting Hillary. What this is all about is their last ditch attempt to control the party that they seem to have lost control over. The elites want to spank the rank and file and show them that they are adults and know what’s good for them.  If Hillary wins they will stand there and self-righteously say, “We know what’s good for you. You should have accepted the candidate WE wanted to put up against Hillary. That nice Jeb Bush would have won in a landslide.” (Who are they fooling? Not the average Joe. Take it to a taxidermist and stuff it.)

Of course, it goes without saying the Democrats hate him, especially Hillary. There is a damned good chance that if he wins then she goes to jail. Directly to jail, does not pass Go and does not collect $200.

Big money hates him with a purple passion. They know he’ll upset their apple cart. They stand to lose a lot of political power.

The media hates him. They are leftist anyway and run strictly by big money which goes without saying.  Big money controls the media and it has been decades since they were even remotely close to being unbiased and fair. The media controls most of the polls and recently a couple of the polls have been caught skewing the results in favor of Hillary to sway the vote. In truth the way things look now is anyone’s guess.

The way I see it, anyone that has the GOP elites, the Democrats, the media and big money hating him and working overtime to defeat him it’s a slam dunk that the average Joe support him. He seems to have all of the right people pissed off at him.

People have said that they are disgusted that Trump is the best candidate the Republicans could come up with. They also say the same thing about Hillary. In truth the Democrats could be sitting with about 75% of the total vote in their pocket right now had they played fair.

James Webb may have seen the writing on the wall when he dropped out early on. He knew he was going to go up against the corrupt Clinton machine and didn’t want any part of it. Maybe he has an aversion to suicide. Who knows?

Still, the fact remains that Trump ISN’T the candidate of the GOP, or at least the GOP elites. He’s the candidate of the rank and file. He is the candidate of pissed off plumbers, carpenters, pipefitters, policemen and a whole lot of working stiffs that are fed up with business as usual.

One thing Trump is not, is that he is not a Republican. Nor is he a Democrat. He’s nothing more or less than the duly elected candidate of the Desperately Pissed Off Working American party that just happened to take over the Republican party during the primary.

He is also the last hope of turning the Republic around and cleaning it up somewhat. As sad as it is, it is true.

I have, in my 64 years man and boy, never seen an opportunity like this put before the American people. It certainly is in disguise but there it is.

Donald Trump is the opportunity to have a bloodless American Revolution. It’s well past time for the average guy to take back his government and let the party bosses and big money guys know who is boss. While Trump is an unlikely candidate for this, the truth remains he is the only one we have. Sometimes ya gotta go with what ya got and it is as simple as that.

Interestingly enough, in a certain sense, Trump is closer to the kind of person the Founding Fathers envisioned as president. They did NOT envision career politicians. They did envision that some successful merchant, plantation owner or businessman would take a few years out of his career to ‘put back into the country that allowed his phenomenal successes’.

Trump is inarguably that. He has enough money so that he is self- financing a great deal of his own campaign. That’s an awful lot of money. He has done quite well for himself.

Right now this country is at a major crossroads. We have a few choices now.
We can vote in Hillary and succumb to tyranny and let the government go along its corrupt, merry way with things getting worse and worse until the whole thing collapses and a dictator emerges, possibly Hillary.

We can elect Hillary and put things off until the only way to recover our rights is by force of arms. Hillary knows this and is going to do her best to destroy the Constitutional safeguards (including and especially the Second Amendment) so as to give herself more power.

Taking it back by force of arms is going to be a serious blood bath and not too many people have the stomach for this. Most Americans will sit by with a Faciat Georgous (let George do it) attitude.

Or we can look at the opportunity we have to tell ALL of our elected officials to smarten up and fly right by electing Trump.

This is the only opportunity I have ever heard of to let every single Congress Critter that we are sick and tired of the old business as usual cycle that goes on as we get our pockets picked by a corrupt system.

Trump really isn’t the candidate we want, he’s the asshole we NEED to at least put a speed bump in the downward spiral the country is presently in.

Like it or not, this is going to be the only time we have to tell our leadership to straighten up and fly right. We have only one shot at this. This will never happen again. Let’s not blow it.

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  1. Like so many when anyone says Trump is Not a Republican, or that Trump isn't a GOP team player - that I say "THANK GOD!"

    There are moments one wonders what sort of flavor he is, that when added to the political soup of DC what will it end up like?

    No matter what folks it will be a hell of a lot better than if the parasitic entitlement classes and apologetic neo-Marxist DNC card holders drop the Hillary Turd in the political soup!

    I tell folk I would serve again under Trump, but I never would serve under Killary, nor could I ask another man to server under her.

    Can't wait for the debates!

    And BTW like most of us, I am okay with building that wall. Heck I do the same thing to protect my backyard, so why shouldn't we do it to protect our country?

  2. If he were elected and repealed all executive orders and executive memorandums he can go on a Golf vacation immediately because he has just undone more injustice against the American taxpayer than any one President in recent history ! Long live the era of "for the people and by the people"..... Live free or Die is the motto as NH auto license plates have written on them!Govenment must put Freedom in front security again as Ben Franklin spoke repeatedly in his lifetime.
    Reinstate Alegence to the U.S. Constitution for New Citizens and deport all Illeagal entry Alliens.