Thursday, August 4, 2016

There is some representative in Iowa

 named Steve King who is under fire because there is a Confederate flag on his desk. People are all upset over it and are jumping up and down, pissing and moaning and generally carrying on about it.

Of course, nobody has seemed to notice that the Confederate flag is only a part of several flags being displayed. I don't think all of them are in the picture but I did see  Mexican, American, Gadsden, and a Vatican flag in the group.

(One time I flew the Israeli flag, the Swastika, the upside down American flag, the Confederate flag and maybe the Rainbow flag at the same time on my flag pole. It was a signal to the world that a family argument was in progress.)

This to me sounds like a case of some whiney little dweebs looking for a chance to make a big deal out of nothing.

We have enough problems without making them up. We have cops being shot, congress trying to rob us of our rights, a presidential candidate that belongs in jail.  Now someone is upset over a flag in a display in some insignificant representative's office.

Want something to get upset about?

How about getting upset with the demonstration in Dallas where 5 cops got shot. Use your energy on something worthwhile.

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