Saturday, August 27, 2016

I am sitting here thiinking about the laws I have broken recently.

Last night I made an illegal U-turn.

The road was empty so I endangered nobody whatsoever but fact is I broke the law. So what. Take me to jail. In fact, take me directly to jail. Do not let me pass 'Go'. Do not let me collect $200.

The truth of the matter is I acted responsibly and that's good enough for me. Had there been any traffic at all I would not have committed such a desperate crime.

Lawmakers really don't have a clue if you ask me.

They enact law after law after law and as is human nature, most people obey the laws that they want to. If they obeyed all of them we would not have any crime.

Yet lawmakers continue to spew forth all sorts of foolish rules and regulations and think that things will change.

I have thought of myself as a law abiding citizen but in fact, I am not. Not too many people are when you think about it. In  fact if you did deep enough, NOBODY is.

Yes, NOBODY. If you dig deep enough, Mother Teresa has probably broken a law or two somewhere along the line.

I think that I am going to stop referring to myself as a law abiding citizen and start calling myself a responsible citizen instead. It makes more sense when you think about it.

I get a kick out of what happened in Connecticut. 

Molloy and cohorts rammed an assault weapon ban and ordered the population there to turn these deadly weapons in. According to the state's own figures they got about a 15% compliance. 

I think that estimate was a bit high. I think it was closer to 5 or maybe 10%, if that.

In short, an awful lot of of residents there that decided not to be law-abiding citizens anymore. I won't call most of these people criminals because some probably are. I will refer to the majority of these people as  responsible citizens. While they are in a direct violation of the law, they are causing nobody any real problems save to make fools out of Connecticut lawmakers.

Actually in a sense I found the entire thing somewhat funny when Molloy discovered nobody was obeying the law. He got up and started making all sorts of threats and saying the State Police were going to do this and that.

What I found funny is I wonder how many State Policemen have one or more of these outlawed weapons in their personal collections. Probably more than you would think.

In short, when lawmakers try and get everyone to obey them they often get laughed at. It happens a lot more than you think.

Most people try and live responsibly and really don't need a whole lot of guidance. The irresponsible people don't pay attention to the laws, anyway.

The mark of a good representative or senator is not how many laws he enacts, but how many he repeals.

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