Friday, August 26, 2016

I see where the feds have criticized the Cajun Navy

for a number of things.

The feds say that the people are not trained, and were not using the proper safety equipment and the usual crap.

In 1952 the rescue of the Pendleton crew by a Coast Guard small boat crew is considered to be the finest hour of the Coast Guard. The three man crew rescued a number of crewmen in rough conditions. When you look at it, the entire operation broke every safety rule I can imagine.

No life jackets, an overgrossed boat, government property was destroyed, poor communications and a disobedience of orders was pretty much the entire scenario of the Pendleton rescue.

It was a typical Old School operation. Someone was in trouble so the Coasties went out and fished them out of the drink.

The Cajun Navy was running an Old School operation and did a remarkable job. They saved lives and that is all that matters.

I saw a few pictures of the Coast Guard operations there and noticed that every single person on the Coastie boats was wearing a government issued personal flotation device.

It makes me wonder if they were leaving people stranded on rooftops because they didn't have enough PFDs to go around.

The Cajun Navy simply took their bass boats out and rescued people. It was really that simple. I have heard of nobody getting injured and only good things on their efforts. Yet as usual the feds are commenting on their actions because they don't have the proper training and equipment.

The truth is the feds are embarrassed. They didn't show up until it was too late. 

Actually the feds are upset because they were not in charge of the operation. They don't like it when private citizens show them they can take care of things without them because it makes them realize we really don't need them.

Those comments by the feds have nothing to do with public safety. They are about power.


President Obama made a comment insisting that the proper rescue efforts were made to not leave minorities stranded. From what I gather he acted like the Cajuns were going to be out there in Klan suits shouting "Black live's don't matter! Drown, bitch!" and leaving minorities in the water strangling or taking potshots at them.

I would love to see the figures of the rescued broken down by minority status. My guess (this is nothing more than a guess) is that proportionally more minorities were rescued than whites.

It would be funny to see the Cajun Navy people apologize to the president for rescuing too many minorities.

Dear Mr. President, We were over quota by 1274 blacks, 847 Hispanics, 72 Asians and a South Sea Islander. However, we saved these people simply because we just didn't have the heart to sit there and watch our friends and neighbors drown. Hope you are not too upset over this. Please accept out heartfelt apologies.

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