Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I saw a mother and a son together yesterday.

The young man looked to be sixteen or seventeen. I looked at him and spoke to the mother.

"Looks like you have a son reaching military service age." I said.

"He's seventeen," she said.

"Think very carefully thie November," I said. "People that are careless with security issues like emails get young people like him killed. What's really something to think about is she really doesn't give a damn about you son's life."

She looked pretty shocked. I'll admit it was unsolicited. She stopped a minute and thought.

"You do know that she treated service people assigned to the White House like dogs when she was First Lady. I know that because I have met a couple of service people assigned to the White House during the Clinton years. She doesn't care about your son'e life." The woman looked a bit shocked.

She recovered. "And Trump?"

"He has said that if some nation wants assistance they are going to have to pay us to intervene. While that may not mean we stay out of a war it does mean that he is simply not going to give lives away. It should reduce the number of foreign interventions simply because it isn't free anymore," I replied. "Just something to think about in November."

"Our family has been Democrats for years," she said.

" So was I years ago. Then they left me. Looks to me like you didn't leave the Democratic party. The Democratic party haS left YOU," I answered. 

"When the kid down the street gets killed it's a shame," I added. "But when it is your child it is a tragedy no parent should be forced to face. Choose wisely come November."


Fact: When the American public wanted details on the Dolottle Raid FDR said it originated in our secret base in Shangri-La. He did that to protect the lives of Hornet's crew from Japanese retaliation.

Fact: After the killing of Osama Bin Laden Joe Biden told the  media it was SEAL Team Six. Al Quida retaliated against them and killed quite a number of our SEALs. Joe Biden owes us for the lives of about thirty US servicemen.

As for Hillary? Service people are little people and she doesn't give a damn about their lives.

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