Wednesday, August 17, 2016

So how come the recent riots have been over some poor old cop trying to defend himself?

 Blue lives matter, too.

Another cop shot a knife wielder and the BLM people are all upset because the cop didn't let the lunatic stab him to death. I wonder why?

The movement is called 'Black Lives Matter'. Well, I got news for you. I don't care what color you are but if you try and injure another human being without justification than as far as I can see your life does not matter.

I could give two whits about the thug that got shot in Milwaukee and that's the way it is. If he cared about his life he would not have pulled a pistol on a police officer.

One of the relatives of the thug has suggested not burning down the ghetto, but burning down the suburbs.

That won't go very far. 

Suburban cops are pretty loyal to their neighborhoods. They generally live among the people they serve. I have a neighborhood cop a couple doors down and he looks after my place when I am off making a living.

A suburban cop won't be defending some neighborhood he doesn't live in. He'll be defending his own.

That's only the police.

The burbs contain an awful lot of hunters and other people involved in the shooting sports. My county has an inordinite number of people licensed to carry firearms. 

What is interesting, too, is the number of women I see starting to learn to shoot.

I suppose the first couple of times the BLM types try and invade the suburbs they will be successful at burning down a few homes. 

What they don't understand is the backlash is going to effect practically all blacks. A car driven by a black on his way somewhere doesn't draw a glance. Nobody in the suburbs really cares what color a person is.

It won't take long before people start caring what color a person is and they will be keeping a serious eye on them. 

The good will suffer along with the bad. It isn't right but that's the way it will be. A lot of good people will suffer.

This will not go the way they think it will go. They're going to lose and lose big. They also forget that there are successful blacks that live in the suburbs, too.

But the biggest thing they will be up against is the money...and the success that made the money. There is an awful lot of money and power in the suburbs and when the people with clout that live there get scared they will pull out all the stops to defend what is theirs.

They will certainly have more access to things like the National Guard and a decent, well trained police force to deal with this. If push comes to shove they are not very likely to question the tactics the police use to defend them. Expect heavy casualties.

What is interesting is that the very liberals that have supported them will turn on them in a heartbeat if their neighborhoods are at risk. They are not going to lose what they have for a bunch of the malcontents in the BLM movement. They'll turn on you so fast your head will spin and demand the government that they seem to love run the entire BLM movement out of existince.

Of course, many of the liberals never did really love you to begin with. The reason they tell everyone they support various welfare and EBT programs is to lift you out of poverty. Don't believe it. A lot of liberals consider it a way of keeping you in your place and out of their neighborhoods. They really want you where you are. Many liberals are not your friend.

Fact is, the conservatives don't want you there sucking up government money. They want you to climb out of the inner cities and take care of yourselves and be successful. If you become successful they generally have nothing against having you as their friends and neighbors. Most conservative people I know don't give a damn about anyone's color.

Of course, the people that will suffer are the successful blacks because they won't be trusted anymore by anyone. When that happens they will turn on you out of anger for the trouble you have caused them. Most suburban blacks have worked hard for what property and reputation they have and don't want to lose it.

For the life of me I have not been able to figure out why the inner city black community has supported such thuggery and then gripe about where they live.

The truth is they do not have to live there. They have the same options everyone else has and that is the right to move and better themselves.

One of the things about this country is that someone can always go back to school and educate themselves. They can pick up a trade through a community college or get a degree one way or the other. In fact, minorities have an awful lot of opportunity if they look for it.

There really isn't a whole lot of excuse for living like that in this country.

Actually, in a way I do hope the BLM people try and bring ther violence into the suburbs. It will result in them being crushed in a heartbeat.

Maybe afterwards we can start to undo the damage that has been done in the area of race relations.

Let's wait until Obama is out of office, first, though. Let's also give Dr. King a little time to slow down a bit because he is spinning in his grave.

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