Monday, August 1, 2016

This is another busy day and I'll be busy for a few more.

A few years back when I was shooting service rifle matches constantly I qualified as a Sharpshooter and put in for it.

Offhand kept me out of the Expert category and I later found out it was medical but won't get into it here. I digress.

Anyway, for some reason a lot of scores were not sent in to the governing body and I am not alone. I actually know why but won't post it here and start something and create a bunch of bad feelings.

I just had a word with a few people and they said they will try and do what they can to dig up the old records and get me my rating. 

After all these years it would be nice to get what I should have been awarded. After all, I did earn it.


Time passes too quickly. Summer is roaring by at a terrible speed. Soon I will be in the way back hacking down the year's accumulated weeds and bucking up fallen branches.

My flowers did well this year.


It constantly depresses me that I will not be able to pass the Republic on to a future generation in the same shape it was when I arrived in it back in 1951. 

I read on a board that someone simply wanted to know what would happen if an elected candidate died between the election and 20 January.

He wanted someone to explain the mechanics of the system to him if something like that happened. It was a simple academic question.

He was promptly warned by several people that the Secret Service were likely watching the board and would probably start snooping.

Sometimes a question is simply an academic question.


Incidentally these days I figure that if I am NOT on someone's watch list than I am not doing my job as a citizen. It is the absolute duty of an American to question leadership constantly.


It is high time for us to remind the elected officials who they are working for and that it is their job to protect our rights instead of trying to take them away from us.


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