Monday, August 8, 2016

If Donald Trump wins in spite of voter fraud

 and any number of other things it will be both a miracle and a victory for the little guy.

The American election system is a complete and total mess and has little real meaning anymore. We're getting closer and closer to the only way things can be fixed it by spilling blood. It leaves me with a knot in my stomach.

First of all anyone can vote irregardless of citizenship. The voter registration lists are full of illegal immigrants. The truth is that the vote should be restricted only to citizens that have either been born here on naturalized. Not someone that just got here by sneaking in. 

You should also have to prove who you are before you are allowed to vote. An ID should be mandatory for both registration and voting. The ID should include proof of citizenship.

The other issue we have a lot of in this country is voter fraud which I seriously believe to be a capital crime, punishable by hanging.

Hanging? Yes. Hanging. With a real rope. You put a noose around their neck haul them up and hang them there until they are dead. It should be a televised event.

Voter fraud cheats all of us out of our very right to have a say in the government and is against everything the Republic stands for. It is no joke whatsoever as it subverts the American way.

I'm sure the Republicans are not lily white here but it seems to me that the Democrats are masters of the game. 

After the 2012 election it has been noted by a few people that President Obama won in every state where Voter ID was not required and lost every state where it was.

The voting figures also proved to be interesting, too. There were a number of places where there were more votes cast than there were registered voters. Strangely enough, these seemed to lean heavily toward the Democratic presidential candidate.

You don't need to call Charlie Chan out of retirement to solve that kind of mystery.

This is nothing new. It has gone on for generations. In places like Chicago and Philly it is a way of life to stifle the wishes of the citizens. In short these dishonest peole fixing elections are stealing the very rights of the citizenry. 

I soppose it would be one thing if they were doing it quietly but it has been so far out in the open it is disgusting. It is something among the party bosses that is a nudge, nudge, wink wink sort of thing.

Lyndon Johnson used to brag about the time they 'just happened' to find another box of ballots.

Speaks pretty poorly for a president to brag about getting his earlier step toward the presidency by patent dishonesty.

Of course, the problem with eliminating voter fraud seems to be that the party in power won't take steps to eliminate it.

I seriously think that Donald Trump should add going after voter fraud to his platform. There are a lot of disgruntled Americans out there that could get behind that.

A while ago Trump said the election is rigged. I believe he's right. 

On the other hand President Obama came out and assured that everything is on the up and up. This tells me for certain it's rigged.

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