Friday, August 5, 2016

The polls are saying Trump

 is going to lose big time and I am not surprised.

President Obama said that the election is not being rigged. What horse puckey!

If Obama says the election is not being rigged then you can bet your life that it is being rigged.

Although there are a lot fewer signs on lawns this election than I have ever seen, the Trump signs seem to outnumber the Hillary signs by about 10 to 1.

I seriously wonder if the polls are not intentionally skewing things in an effort to make people stay home this year.

Let's follow the money.

The Democrats are scared of him. The president came out and said the upcoming election is not rigged which means it is. The Dems are pulling out all stops to put the voter fraud machines into full swing.

An awful lot of big business types are scared of him. That's big money.

The media hates him. Big money runs the media.

GOPe hates him with a purple passion. There is an awful lot of big money in the hands of the GOPe elites.

The poll companies are pretty much run by media so ou can trace that back to big money.

There are an awful lot of big money people out there that stand to lose a lot with a Trump presidency and are pissed off.

Truth of the matter is that it looks to me like those are a lot of pretty damned good reasons to vote for him.

Does he have a chance?

While the media has us believing he doesn't, I'm really not all that sure. I have never seen anything quite like this election. 

However simply because of all the enemies the man has and who they are I am most certainly going to vote for him.

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