Monday, August 22, 2016

The Cajun Navy deserves a post.

The flooding in Louisiana brought out the true spirit of what this country is supposed to be. A non-governmental guerrilla force emerged to rescue stranded people consisting of (gasp!) private citizens!

It was immediately dubbed the 'Cajun Navy' because a lot of them are Cajun.

With a group like this, who needs the feds? Most likely they are a lot more efficient and a damned sight cheaper. They just go in and get the job done.

I read where the locals decided after the feds took their own sweet time after Katrina and the boondoggle paperwork and territorial fighting that it's a whole lot easier and better to do it their selves.

Of course, Old Jug Ears sent a memo telling people to make sure the rescuing was done with proper respect to the race of the rescued.

(I often wonder about that. Blacks comprise something like 12.7% of us. I can hear it now. "Nope. Gotta let at least three more blacks drown to keep the numbers politically correct!")

He sent some big, long memo telling the people hate not to show discrimination with the rescue efforts. Needless to say, an awful lot of Louisianans of all races were outraged.

For what it's worth I have seen boatloads of blacks along with whites being rescued. I seriously doubt that there is a whole lot of predjudice in the hearts and minds of the rescuers. They just want to get people to safety and worry about the rest later.

What a moron! What was he thinking?

I suppose he thought that the Cajuns were going to show up wearing KKK sheets and screaming at some poor slob sitting on his roof,  "Black lives DON'T matter! Choke on it! Drown, Bitch!"

Not hardly. I'm reasonably certain they don't differentiate and probably don't care. I doubt most of them really care what color somebody is when they go to rescue them. They are just going out to help their friends and neighbors.

This just goes to tell you about how Old Jug Ears thinks. Everything to him is racial and/or political.

Incidentally most of the stuff in the way of gasoline, Gatorade for rescued, food, whatever is likely coming out of the individal Cajun sailor's own pocket.

Of course I do think that there will be racial complaints, though. Some fat, lazy, useless indolent black will be sitting high and dry and be upset that a Cajun boat is rescuing someone practically drowning nearby. He'll be angry because they won't take him to the Wiggly Piggly to buy a couple of 40s. He'll bitch and say it was becase he is black.

I have seen where a number of Cajun Navy boats are flying the Stars and Stripes which is, I suppose, a good thing.

Personally if I were there I would likely be flying the Southern Cross just to wipe the eye of Old Jug Ears. But that is just me.

Speaking of wiping someone's eye, who showed up? You guessed it. None other than Donald J. Trump. Old Jug Ears couldn't be bothered. He was golfing in Nantucket. Hillary couldn't be bothered, either. Maybe it was too hot for the refined delicate tastes of Crooked Hillary.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the feds are most likely fighting over responsibilities, territories and who is in charge of what assets. It has nothing to whatsoever to do with saving lives as it does with careers and politics.

Frankly I often think they ought to put the Salvation Army in charge of the whole mess... as dictators! Turn ALL assets over to them. They may find themselves in over their head but at least they would not be boondoggled with juristictional disputes. The 'Sally's' are not political either. They just want to get the job done. 

Still, I understand the Cajun Navy is fairly well organized and if someone doesn't now the area well enough they snag a sheriff's deputy as a ridealong. It makes sense.

Another interesting point is that I have heard the effort referred to as American Dunkirk. So named after the British Expeditionaly Force was rescued off of the Dunkirk beaches by the private boat owners of Britain during WW2. 

Of course, because the Cajun Navy doesn't fit into the Mainstream Media's political agenda and makes Obama look as foolish as he is. Do not expect to hear a whole lot about it.

That's why I posted it here.


Oh, yeah.

In another 'cover the boss' stunt. The Governor of Louisiana claimed he asked President Obama not to show up.

Yeah, right.

He's just covering for Zero so he doesn't have to interrupt his golf game in Nantucket.

We're not stupid.

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