Saturday, August 13, 2016

I do believe I am glad that Africa

 didn't get into my blood.

About the time I got out of the service I wanted to do something interesting with my life. I wrote to Rhodesia and asked about a possible job as a game warden or something along these lines.

I got a letter back stating offering me a job in the Rhodesian Army. I threw it in the trash as I had no desire to get killed in an African bush war. 

They say that Africa gets in your blood and I do think it does for some people. Many Europeans take a brief job there and never seem to return to Europe.

As a ham operator I have made contacts with a few European expats living there. After a brief contact QSL cards are swalled and I often email my contacts.

I have emailed a few expats there and the story is the same with all of them. They came to Africa on a short job and never looked back.

I can see how that is. It seems to be a simpler life and seeing how their paychecks seem to come from Europe it sounds like the best of both worlds.

Still,  I can't help thinking that if I had gone to Rhodesia back in the 70s that I would probably be pretty heartbroken by now.

It looks like almost the entire continent has slid downhill because of socialism, tribalism and out and out corruption.

Rhodesia used to be the breadbasket of Africa. Now because of socialism and corruption it is now Zimbabwe and is a sewer. That one would have been pretty hard to take.

Then again, I am pretty heartbroken with what has happened in this country. It has taken a serious turn for the worse because we grow more and more socialist by the day.

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