Monday, May 1, 2017

Every time this happens.

I have shelved the motorcycle idea and as soon as I did someone reminded me of another bike. He turned me on to an Ural Patrol or an Ural Gear up.

So much for the Royal Enfield with a sidecar. These pretty much come stock with a sidecar and the sidecar wheel is a driving wheel. We're talking about a 2 wheel drive motorcycle here.

Great in the snow.

Now who in the name of Sam Hill ever heard of a motorcycle that was good in the snow?

Urals are made in Russia. Leave it to a country that couldn't even catch Rocky and Bullwinkle to come up with a motorcycle that is good in the snow.

Yet I have scouted around and found more than one person talking about using one as a 365 day a year mode of transportation. I also read where someone took one across a pass in the Cascades during a blizzard and made out OK.

I am not going to get a bike but I am going to at least check one of these out.

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  1. If you decide to get one, get properly trained.

    Hacks do not handle like any other vehicle on the road. Acceleration/Deceleration has a wicked torque/steer component, turns with/away from the (side)car are different and all in all training is worth the effort and expense.

    Scared the bejeezers out of myself with a Ural Hack before wising up.