Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A day of Obamacare fallout.

Of course I could keep my doctor, said President Obama. He lied.

So I wound up with another doctor and then because of Obamacare the source of my insurance companies changed insurance companies so today I have to meet up with another doctor.

Which sucks. It seems that the whole thing is going downhill.

I once said something to my doctor, the one I am leaving.

"I WANT you to get rich. I WANT you to get a new Mercedes every years or so. I WANT you to golf on Wednesdays. "

"Why is that?" she asked. I would imagine that a lot of people are resentful of doctors making any real money.

"Because it it IS profitable then medicine will attract the best and brightest and the most competent," I answered. "That way we all win."

Anyway, today I have to meet my new primary care physician.

I am not optimistic. 

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  1. It's fine to support Trump and not support Obama, but you're not being honest if you blame Obama for telling lies but but say nothing about Trump's lies.

  2. Oddly enough the interesting thing about Trump is he generally says something, the media calls it a lie shortly thereafter the media is left looking stupid. FWIW he is 1000& more honesst than Obama.