Friday, May 5, 2017

There is a member of the family that is kind of quiet and shy.

or at least was and has come out of it. I just exchanged emails with her and not only was she not shy, she was warm and very cordial.

I won't get into it here as I do not want to embarrass anyone. However it is a good thing to watch.


Here I see that the health care issue has been voted on and it looks like Obamacare will be replaced. It should have simply been repealed.


This morning I made sausage gravy for breakfast. While I make this fairly regularly I have not made it this thick since my nephew visited a few years back. 

He was headed home and had a 10 hour drive ahead of him and I wanted to give him a solid breakfast. He got three eggs and a humongous serving of biscuits and gravy.

He reported to me that he drove straight through stopping only for gas. He said when he got home he wasn't very hungry at all. 

This breakfast ought to last me a while.

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  1. On the ACA/Obamacare replacement.

    IMHO it is asinine to cause worse chaos and market disruption just to prove a point with a complete instant repeal.

    If you personally don't have the stomach to wean a benefits addicted society off of bad programs through decisive incremental change, so be it.

    But bloody hell, don't become as much of problem as what is being fixed.

    I've heard this same crap from people who then admitted they haven't personally done a things to pressure their Congress Critters. Several even admitted they hadn't even voted.

    To then complain later is being a world class a-hole and pure BS.

    Freakin' wannabes in terms of political influence.

    If you have no skin in the game from your own personal efforts you have no right to have tongue in the game either.