Sunday, May 7, 2017

I saw this last night but put off reading it until now.

Yesterday I saw an article where Florida Memorial College is giving Treyvon Martin a posthumous degree in aviation because he likes airplanes.

I did not open the article and read it. I saved it for early this morning before I wrote this post. I saved it because I decided that if I read it in the early morning I would have gotten the stupidest thing I would read all day behind me early in the morning.

Martin was listed on Wikipedia Florida Memorial University page as being a notable graduate of the class of 2017. The note read “Bought Skittles. Was killed by George Zimmerman.” The have since deleted that but it was there for a while.

Anyway I read this early this morning and it has made my day because I have gotten the worst of the stupidity I will have to read all day behind me before my day even begins.

That ain't a bad deal. 

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  1. It is interesting that Florida Memorial College would publicly affirm that the degrees it issues are so worthless.

    If I were attending FMC I would be hugely pissed. There I would be doing classes, paying tuition and arguably learning something through study, and the "educational institution" starts giving out the same degree to criminals because they have some public sympathy and are negro?

    Brother or not, that is just wrong.

    Doesn't matter that the worthless degree never makes it to the job market because the perp is dead, FMC has just said you really don't have to do any education to be worthy of their degrees.

  2. Liked Ol' Remus's observation that with this honorary degree Treyvon Martin's "... employment prospects not improved. "

    Sums it up....