Sunday, May 28, 2017

In the background there is a program on

about the American Volunteer Group in China. They are also known as the Flying Tigers.

I am not going to write about the Flying Tigers here because there are a number of excellent books out there.

The thing I just heard is something I have heard before and it never fails to anger me.

Apparently Claire Chennault wrote a paper on pilot strategy in dealing with Japanese Zeroes. The Zero was a very formidable fighter plane, especially at the beginning of the war. He sent it to the American military authorities who did not disseminate it to the American pilots. Things like this are criminal.

I can't help wonder how many American pilots were lost in the Pacific because of this. Someone should have been jailed for this.

It really angers me when I see something get hidden away, thrown out, ditched or ignored by someone to prevent a bruised ego.

That and NIH (not invented here) syndrome have cost this country a lot in terms of money and lives.

It's too bad that those responsible were not held accountable for their omissions.


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