Thursday, May 11, 2017

Running late.

Sometimes i leave my smart phone at home when I go out so my wife bought a cheap flip phone because she wants communication all the time.

It's actually a good idea and cost us nothing because the phone itself was supposed to be a gift for someone else but the situation changed.

Anyway, I had to explain that I missed the call because I was in the shower.

I keep having to tell people you can't have it all.

My favorite call was once when I was in a Stearman climbing to make a loop. I quickly told him where I was and what I was doing and to call later and hung up.

The phone rang again instantly and I got an "I don't understand."

I hung up and shut the damned thing off.

Later I called him back and asked him if he knew what an airplane was. He said he did. I then asked him if he knew what a loop was. He said he did. Then I asked him what he needed me to explain and I know he felt stupid.

When I jumped last Sunday I left my cell phone with the girl behind the counter of the skydiving place and told her to answer it. It they were in the LEAST bit pushy she was to tell them, "He's in a f***ing airplane getting ready to jump out of it. If you need him in a hurry then meet him in the LZ."

"If they say, 'I don't understand' tell them that they are stupid and should go back to English class and learn the language," I told her. Then simply hang up on them.

Nobody called.

It's kind of too bad.

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