Tuesday, May 2, 2017

This came out of an old folder. FWIW

Term limits.

For years I didn't seem to see the need for term limits. We actually do have term limits in that we have the right to vote someone out.

Still, term limits would really take the power away from where it really is. It's in the hands of the party bosses that have their agendas for us. Much of which simply meant picking our pockets and stealing our rights.

I'd like to see the Senate limited ot one term and the House limited to three terms.

Six years. It's long enough.

As Mark Twain said, Politicians and diapers should be changed often and for the same reasons.

What happens in reality is that if, for example, a senator is a good little boy or girl and plays along with the party bosses they will come up with the money required to keep him in office. It becomes a symbiotic relationship.

The only people that win are the party bosses. We, the People, lose.

The truth is these guys that wind up in office for decades and decades for the most part are little party boss lackeys. They forget about us, the little people.

Also there is too much temptation to stick their fingers in the pie. It is a sure fire recipe for corruption like the corruption we face now that Donald Trump has exposed.

If Trump had lost he still would have done the American public one hell of a service by exposing how corrupt the system really is.

As of very recent there are damned few people in Washington I owe anything. Very few have my respect, loyalty or obediendce. If the laws don't apply to them, they don't apply to me. It really is that simple.

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