Saturday, May 6, 2017

I just read where the ANTIFA people are

I just read where the ANTIFA people are going to show up at pro Trump rallies with HIV infected needles.

That is nothing more or less than bio terrorism and should be treated that way.

I have also read that in a few places like Berkeley that the police have let ANTIFA types get away with a lot of violent and illegal activities.

That to me does not mean that the police as a whole have taken sides. It means that the Berkeley police have gone so far as to take sides. When that happens there is no law, just a struggle for survival.

If the Berkeley police permit bio terrorism in their city they should stop and think of the consequences of doing so.

For one thing the right would have the right to retaliate with their own brand of terrorism and then what do you have?

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  1. That Antifa has even considered using weapons of bioterrorism makes them bioterrorists.

    Where is our "The Man with No Name" of this day & age to make these folk pay for their evil?

    1. Piccolo Eastwood (insert Good, Bad and Ugly whistle here)