Monday, May 8, 2017

A surprising Sunday.

Yesterday I went for an airplane flight and beat the airplane to the ground.

A couple of us went to the skydiving center to watch someone we know make a jump.

He chickened out and was a no show. It left an empty space and they offered it to us spectators. On impulse I took the offer. A free fall has been on my bucket list for decades.

I suited up, harnessed up, for into the airplane and at 13,500 jumped out. When the 'chute opened it had been a 54 second free fall.

I did not like the free fall as I really didn't find it exhilarating getting beat up by a 130 mph wind. I really did enjoy the canopy ride, though. That is really the best part in my opinion. 

14,000 feet is the point where everyone has to be on oxygen hence the 13,500 foot altitude cap. I am not sure, but there is a reg permitting pilots to go up to 14,000 feet for short periods for purposes of doing things like dropping skydivers.

I told the skydiving company that I would really like to do a 13,500 foot canopy ride but they said they can't. A guy hanging in a parachute would be at risk of causing problems with general aviation.

I see their point. 13,500 is a lot higher than most of general aviation flies. 

Skydiving seems affordable. You can gear yourself up in the $3500-5000 range and the jumps are about $27 for the airplane ride. Locally they have a special. Fridays are $20 for old guys. Old Fart Friday, they call it.

I still have no real desire to start free falling, though. I would like to take a few more canopy rides.

Incidentally, the whole process of getting a Class A license, including 25 jumps runs under $2500. When you figure that you can jump for about $20 a shot it is somewhat affordable for a retiree.

Whatever, anyway yesterday was a surprise for me.

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  1. What! No Garand? Did you at least wear Corcorans?

  2. No. They told me that I am supposed to wear sneakers. That one make me wonder.