Sunday, November 5, 2017

ANother rainy day.

which I suppose is par golf for this time of year. The trees for the most part still have most of their leaves which is not par golf for the middle of the first week in November.

The deer have started to turn white/grey, though. That's normal.

I have not had to break out any kind of cold weather gear yet which is rather odd.

My guess is we're going to get the living daylights beat out of us come February.

That is all I have to say about that.


I have offered to teach two young people how to drive a clutch. They are getting their learner's permits soon and after they know the basics I may take them up to the humongous parking lot at a nearby park and teach them.

The young man's mom asked me why I thought that is important. I told her that if he knew how to drive a clutch he could steal Corvettes and get through college debt free. She was not amused. 

The young lady's mom asked me and I pointed out that when she gets to college it's likely that she will find herself having to deal with a date or girlfriend that has gotten plastered and it would be a wise thing to be able to drive herself and/or whoever home.

One of my sisters had this happen to her and she was glad I had at least made her familiar with driving a clutch.


One of the things that happens in this neighborhood periodically is gas leaks. 

When they built these homes they used steel piping to pipe in gas and they are starting to rust out.

Mine did years ago and I replaced it with a plastic sleeve and got out of the entire headache for under $300 because I was both slick and lucky.

To have it dug up meant about $4-5000 but there were no doglegs in the pipe so they could slip the sleeve through the pipe with no problems.

The neighbor that just discovered the leak is looking at about $15-2500 to have theirs fixed. It's a straight shot with the piping so I guess it's sleeve time for them.


I'm thinking of buying a lot more grass seed for the upcoming spring.  

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